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Style Resolutions 2010

January 6, 2010

I prefer not to make New Year’s resolutions, as I tend to break them within the first week of the year. Style resolutions, however, are another story. Rather than the typical “exercise more, eat better, save more money” resolutions so many make this time of year, style resolutions are easier to keep because they’re so much fun! I welcome the opportunity to expand my horizons and improve the way I put together outfits. That said, here are my style resolutions for 2010:

Branch Out: Although I consider Blair Waldorf’s wardrobe in Season One of Gossip Girl to be the pinnacle of fashion, I need to branch out. If I dress like Blair circa 2007 for the rest of my life, my style will never grow or evolve. That doesn’t necessarily mean throwing away all my headbands this instant – after all, they’re completely darling – but next time I feel like wearing jeans or adding something black, studded, and fierce to my wardrobe, I’m going to go for it! Fads go in and out, but the ability to adapt my style while staying true to myself is a skill that will last a lifetime.

Blair Waldorf, Icon


Be Practical: I tend to be an overzealous shopper. If I like a piece and it fits, I’ll buy it. I once bought a beautiful 1960’s brocade cocktail dress. It was a tad snug and the hook at the top of the zipper on the back of the dress was broken, but I figured I would never be able to find such a great cocktail dress for $45 – vintage or new. I bought it on impulse and haven’t worn it since, nor do I have an occasion to wear it. In the future, I want to consider each purchase carefully and ask myself if I actually will wear what I buy. This way, I’ll save money while consolidating my closet to only pieces that I will wear often.

Accessorize: Aside from headbands and necklaces, I don’t wear many accessories. I love the look of stacked bracelets and brightly-colored waist-cinching belts – not only do they add personality, they also are a great way to bring in new colors and textures to an outfit. With so many affordable accessories at Forever 21 and H&M, there’s no excuse to avoid experimenting with accessory trends.

Stacked bracelets by Ettika


Mix It Up: While there’s nothing wrong with having a go-to outfit for mornings when you’re in a rush and can’t spend time picking out the perfect ensemble, my go-to outfit has turned into a bit of a uniform. Although a dress/cardigan/tights combo is more polished than the leggings/sweatshirt/Uggs combo so many girls favor, fashion is about creativity, not consistency! It’s great to have a recognizable style, but wearing variations on the same outfit day in and day out is boring. This year, I promise to mix it up a little more – swap my dress and cardigan for a frilly skirt and a cozy top. I’m looking forward to staying true to my style while varying my outfits.

What are your style resolutions for 2010? How do you plan to improve your style this year?

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  1. meagansk permalink
    January 7, 2010 5:04 am

    This year, I’m going to try wearing more dresses and less jeans. Really, I just want to dress up more. I’m so used to just throwing on jeans and a t-shirt, because that’s what everyone at my high school did, but I figure since I’m in college now it’s time for a change.

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