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Where to Find Inspiration: Part I

January 24, 2010

Fashion is more than just what you wear – it’s living art, a method of self-expression, a self-confidence booster, and so much more. There’s nothing better than walking down through a sea of Abercrombie-clad clones and knowing that others are taking a mental note of what you’re wearing so they can go home and try to recreate the same look. Yes, inspiring others is a lovely thing – but you can’t even begin to inspire others if you don’t have inspiration for yourself.

Whenever you’re in a style rut, the following sources can easily help you mix up  your wardrobe and create innovative new outfits. Without further ado, here’s the first in a multi-part series about where I get my best inspiration from.


Blogs are my number one source of inspiration. With so many stylish ladies out there, I can discover new trends, see gorgeous outfit posts, discuss the latest It Bag in a community of fashion-obsessed girls like myself, and more – all at the tips of my fingers! While magazines only come out on a monthly basis, blogs keep me in touch with fashion every day. Check out my blog roll for my favorites!

Whenever I’m in a style rut, is one of my favorite sources for inspiration. The site mainly consists of thousands upon thousands of photos of fashionable girls (and a few guys, too!) from all around the world. Where else can you find Japanese girls pairing floral dresses and ripped tights, quirky New Yorkers with a penchant for vintage, and trendy French models mixing couture with Zara like pros all in one place? I could literally spend hours on, practically drooling over all the gorgeous shoes and enviable styling!

Vintage Photography:

Not all old family photos are full of scary perms from the 80’s!

One of my favorite places for inspiration is old family photos. In the photo above, circa 1958, my grandma lounges in a hotel room in a pink cashmere dress, white fur stole, and timeless black pumps. While she may prefer elastic waistbands and orthopedic shoes today, she was one stylish woman back then! (And I love the hair bow! Runs in the family, non?) Vintage photography can always spark inspiration, especially from your favorite decades. Love the flashy 80’s? The roaring 20’s? Fashion photography is a great source of authentic material.

What inspires you?

– Mademoiselle Hannah

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