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Lookbook: Trench Coat

April 10, 2010

One of my favorite pieces of all time was this incredible trench coat I bought nearly three years ago at Jasmine Sola. It was the Angelina coat by Priorities and one of my first big purchases by myself. I loved, loved, loved it. I wore it every spring and fall up until a few months ago, when I had to put it away. I had grown two inches since buying it; the sleeves were too short and the shoulders were too narrow. Since then, I’ve been on a quest to find my next trench coat. My mom picked this one up for me and I like it! What do you think?

Trench, DKNY. Dress, Urban Outfitters. Cardigan, Nordstrom. Pumps, Jessica Simpson. Necklace, handmade.

If I had to choose my favorite piece in my entire wardrobe, this necklace would win hands down. My sister Julia made it for me two summers ago at our camp up in Maine. The necklace is so meaningful to me; it’s a great reminder of my favorite person and my favorite place. I’ve had strangers ask me where they can buy the same necklace. They’re always surprised when I tell them the tiny eleven-year-old next to me made it herself! I’ll have to post a close-up of it sometime, it’s beautiful. It’s a circular glass pendant filled with crushed blue and purple glass with dark red flecks. I love it! My old chain broke, so I’m currently wearing it on a piece of friendship bracelet string. Any good recommendations on where to buy a chain?

To counteract the sophistication of the trench and pumps, I chose a simple circle dress and a long, airy cardigan. The floaty silhouettes made a spinning shot absolutely necessary. Have a nice weekend! (I, on the other, will be working on my junior research paper and self-medicating with caffeine and pictures of pretty shoes.)

– Mademoiselle Hannah


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