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Lookbook: Lizzie McGuire

May 9, 2010

Have I really not posted anything since Thursday? Has it really been that long?

Bonjour, readers, let me re-introduce myself. My name is Hannah. Floral dresses and lovely spring weather make me very, very happy.

Jacket, borrowed from my mom. Dress, Urban Outfitters. Necklace, handmade.

Today was the first time I wore a denim jacket since this photo was taken in April 2003:

Note the amount of denim in this photo – Julia is wearing pink jeans and her denim jacket is on the stroller on the right; I’m wearing jeans and a denim jacket. Not pictured: my mom’s denim jacket. Oh, the horror… Despite denim-filled childhood memories, I thought I’d pull out a denim jacket today. Did I make it work?

I felt a little bit like Hilary Duff in Lizzie McGuire in this outfit – the messy hair, low pigtails, denim jacket, etc. Even our necklaces our similar!

(How could I not post this photo?)

For the record, I owned Lizzie’s pants in the second picture. I also owned a lime green pair of capris and pair of black sequined hot pants. 2000 was a terrifying year for children’s clothing.

On a brief non-fashion-related note, I took the AP U.S. History test on Friday. I’m officially done with the class! It was an incredible experience – I’ve never worked so hard for anything in my life and I really enjoyed the sense of community within the class – but I’m glad it’s over. Today, I’m going to the 3oh!3 and Cobra Starship concert, and I’m not even bringing The American Pageant. I can have a social life again! Without several hours of history notes on a daily basis, I don’t even know how to spend my time anymore.

Yesterday, I had the amazing opportunity to assist a photo shoot. I’m interning with a designer in Boston and yesterday, she had hired a photographer to shoot a few dozen looks from her upcoming collections to show to buyers. It was a ton of work: taking the requisite limbs off the mannequin, dressing the mannequin, putting the limbs back on, picking the mannequin up and bringing it over to where the photographer was, putting the legs of the mannequin onto a base to stabilize it, pinning the clothes to look perfect, rotating the mannequin (and moving the pins) between each shot, and undressing the mannequin. That’s all for ONE outfit! Granted, there were five mannequins which made the process a bit faster, but it was still a long day. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed seeing the clothes and being in the studio.

xoxo Hannah


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