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Madewell: Made Well?

June 11, 2010

Believe it or not, I’ve only been in Madewell once, back in 2007. I loved the preppy, vaguely British vibe of the store, and immediately picked up a simple yellow and white striped henley. Within days, the sleeves had frayed and I noticed how thin the material was. Excuse the pun, but I thought Madewell was poorly made.

Madewell opened its online store just a few weeks ago. Like any true Becky Bloomwood-in-training, I browsed their site and found a few things I liked. Madewell’s designers have a great use of color, perfectly breezy aesthetic, and (like Madewell’s big sister, J. Crew) know how to make each piece completely desirable. I recently found myself drawn to nearly every single piece on their website, despite my past experience with quality issues.

Fellow NHS blogger Rhiannon (now an NHS alum, congrats!) is a major Madewell fan, so I decided to give the brand a second chance. If I were to go on a Madewell shopping spree (unlikely, I can’t imagine dropping $98 on a pair of shorts), here’s what I would pick:

Legging Jeans in Classic Black, $95: Madewell is known for their denim, so why not try a pair? I’m still on a quest for the perfect pair of black jeans; this pair of denim leggings (sorry, Urban Outfitters, I refuse to call them jeggings even after your sales associates “correct” me – the word sounds gross!) looks like my perfect pair. While pricier than I’d normally be willing to spend on jeans, my collection of jeans currently totals in at ONE. I’m willing to spend more to get this number up to two!

Drifter Top in Dark Metal, $118: This top is stunning. I love everything about it – the contrast between the cotton and the detailed panels, the kimono-esque sleeves, the loose silhouette, the Nicole Richie boho-glamour flair… can I have it? Pretty please? I’m envisioning it with the legging jeans above and red wedges.

Floaty Floral Dress in Poppy, $158: I was going to write up a short blurb about what makes this dress fantastic, but I realized I could simply sum it up like this: If you owned this dress, why would you ever wear anything else? Pair with sunglasses and beach hair, no shoes necessary.

Crystal Collage Bib Necklace in Dark Clay and Optic White, $88: I’m not one for heavy jewelry (stud earrings and dainty pendants are more my style), but this necklace is lovely. Versatile, not too trendy, and beautifully crafted. Which color do you prefer? I think I’m leaning towards the dark clay (left).

Neon Lights Belt in Neon Canary, $32: I’ve been searching for the perfect accent belt, and this would provide a much needed jolt of neon into my wardrobe. Imagine it paired with conservative cardigans and dark dresses. It’s quite the pop of color!

Which of my Madewell picks is your favorite? Which store do you suggest I window shop from next?

Tonight is Junior Harbor Cruise, I can’t wait! I’ll share pictures with you later, but in the meantime, I’m getting ready to party and hopefully sing a few verses of “I’m On a Boat” with the rest of the junior class. See you after the festivities!

xoxo Hannah

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  1. June 12, 2010 9:00 pm

    It’s all about the sale rack. Trust me.

  2. Gisele McGraw permalink
    December 15, 2016 4:15 pm

    Madewell is not. made. well. Very poorly made in fact. Sweaters pill within a couple wearings (nevermind after washing, after which they are ready for donation to Goodwill). Materials snag easily and are of the chintziest, most tawdry quality. Sad. I now by-pass this store and don’t even go in however tempted I may be by the appealing, fresh styles in the windows after having spent way too much on articles of clothing that look worn out after being worn a few times.

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