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Pictures From Paradise

July 6, 2010

Last weekend was three days of pure, unadulterated bliss. It was incredible! My family visited Julia at camp and spent two days at our house in Maine. I already told you enamored I am of Hidden Valley, so why don’t I just let you see what makes it so special?

This is the back yard, where most of the action on camp takes place. Isn’t is gorgeous?

She was so surprised to see us! What a cutie pie.

Our mascot is a llama. We have nine!

One of my favorite parts of the day was seeing all my campers from last year. They are all so sweet!

Awww. I miss her already!

We played a few rounds of tetherball. Fortunately, Julia’s a little too short to be much of a real threat to any of us!

I’m permanently attached to my camp mug filled with lemon ginger tea. Here’s where the addiction started!

There are huge mosaic murals all around camp. This is a small close-up of one of my favorites – in real life, it’s about 6′ x 10′! Isn’t it amazing? The glass beads embedded into the mural are the same as the one I wear as a necklace.

I feel so lucky to have found such an incredibly positive, open-minded, loving place.

For the rest of the weekend, we didn’t do much other than soak up the sun! I learned to water ski last summer; this weekend, I  had a fantastic time zooming around the lake. (Dad is an absolute rock star water skiier – he is so cool!) Although the lake was pretty rough for awhile, it calmed down long enough to have a gloriously refreshing swim!

We drove to Portland on Saturday and Sunday for two fantastic (and very different!) dinners. On the 3rd, we had an indulgent dinner at Duck Fat of fries and a milkshake – totally out of character for us, but so delicious! For the 4th, we had an incredible belated birthday celebration (Happy birthday, Mom!) at Fore Street. Everything was fantastic. I highly recommend both places!

What did you do this weekend? Leave a comment and let me know!

In other news: I changed my blog format! I now use WordPress’s theme “Vigilance.” I like how clean and stark the format is. I’m planning on adding a header this week. Should I go back to my Parisian café header, or should I do something new? Hmm…

xoxo Hannah

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  1. July 9, 2010 5:32 pm


    Love the new format :) very slick! great minds think alike I suppose! we both up and changed out themes at the same time hehe

    As for the camp visit, I just love this post! How sweet is yout sister? So cute.. totally brings back memories of my younger camp years.. never got to be a councillor myself though! Lucky u!!



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