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Zara Haul: Slice of Heaven

July 14, 2010

I haven’t shopped at Zara since 2008, but I thought it was worth a quick stop today. What was originally intended to be a “quick stop” escalated into a full hour of trying on half the merchandise! Zara is having an incredible sale right now, so I couldn’t resist trying on everything. I think I intimidated the poor sales associate when I walked into the dressing room with twenty pounds of clothes – poor girl! It took awhile, but I narrowed down the piles of clothing to a few of my favorites. Here’s what I chose:

I’m so excited about this piece! It’s perfect to throw on over little dresses for spring. Isn’t the color irresistible?

This gorgeous cornflower shade caught my eye amidst a sea of adorable dresses. The ruffles remind me of something I Am Style-ish would wear!

I’m having a major leopard print infatuation right now; I was completely obsessed with this cardigan from the minute I saw it. You’ll definitely be seeing this piece when the weather cools off! These shorts are totally perfect. I’ve never tried on a pair of shorts that were the proper length and waist size at the same time! The crisp black fabric makes this pair ideal to dress up or down.

Honestly, this tank is floral and adorned with a floppy bow. There’s no way I would dare walk out of Zara without it.

Since my trusty black Topshop tights ripped (R.I.P. tights, pun totally intended), I’ve been meaning to buy another pair. Let’s hope these hold up! I can’t stand flimsy tights.

My dad and I! We joke that I’m his “mini me”. See the resemblance?

Like my Zara haul? Run to your nearest Zara, the sales are amazing!

Now for a little shameless promotion: This summer, I’m the editorial intern for Her Campus, a fantastic online lifestyle magazine for college women. In addition to producing national content, the magazine currently has forty-one My Campus branches at colleges around the country that each write college-specific content. The HC Team is incredibly talented and the three founders – Stephanie Kaplan, Windsor Hanger, and Annie Wang – are all extraordinarily talented, passionate, and motivated. I love working with them in the HC office!

As Her Campus is still a growing company, it would mean a lot to the me and the entire HC Team if you could take just a minute to friend us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for the latest updates. Friends and followers will receive updates on HC’s articles and blog posts of the day!

Thanks for supporting a fabulous magazine!

xoxo Hannah

Update: I wore the blue dress (see above) to work today! I cinched the waist with a multi-colored silk scarf worn as a belt (seen here as a headband) and paired it with red patent leather pumps. :)

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  1. Kallan permalink
    July 15, 2010 8:06 pm

    The picture with your dad is so cute!

    Geez, I guess I should get my butt down to Zara and buy stuff…

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