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Lookbook: Great East Lake

August 15, 2010

I’ve spent the past two weeks on Great East Lake in Maine. My family has spent two weeks here every summer since I was just three months old. Without fail, we come up here every August to relax and unwind. While two weeks in rural Maine isn’t my cup of tea – no WiFi, no Thai food, no occasion to wear heels – I truly will miss my family’s traditional vacation next year, when I have other summer plans.

As a final tribute to Great East Lake, here are a few shots I snapped on the stairs leading down the lake. I’ve barely changed out of this outfit at all these past two weeks. My uniform consists merely of a bathing suit, wavy hair, no makeup, and no shoes. It wouldn’t work at all in Boston, but it’s ideal up here.

My bathing suit is from H&M. It’s retro, girly, and fun – my ideal swimsuit!

The lake water does wonders for my hair. After a quick dip in the lake, the water brings out my natural waves. They’re far from perfectly styled, but I love how beachy and carefree they look. Between the waves, sun streaks, and highlights, I think I’ve achieved Perfect Beach Hair. If only I could bottle up the lake water and use it year round!

(Actually, I think I have an empty spray bottle somewhere…)

xoxo Hannah

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