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Read-Along Guide to Elle’s September 2010 Issue: Part 3

September 7, 2010

What a week! Thanks to the start of school, I’ve been putting off writing another Elle post because they generally take longer to write than a regular post. But despite the rumored 20 – 25 essays I’ll be writing this term for one class alone, I intend to write at least five days a week. Blogging keeps me sane – I love it.

Quick self-promotional plugs:

Now onto Elle!

I’ve diligently recorded my thoughts, comments and potentially over-the-top praise and compiled them into a laughably long list to share with you. I present you with the Read-Along Guide to Elle‘s September 2010 Issue: Part 3, to be read in conjunction with page 310 – page 386. So grab your copy of Elle and read along with me; if you don’t have your own issue, hopefully my notes will fill you in on the best of what the magazine has to offer! Previous installments of this series can be found here (Part 1) and here (Part 2).

Page 310: The fall shopping guide “How to Wear the New Polish” is unbelievably perfect. Everything here is so up my alley: Think fur-trimmed capes, cozy cardigans, embellished sweaters, bow-adorned metallic flats, tweed skirts… I’m practically in love.

Page 318: I have a hard time digesting the idea of knit pants. They’re essentially sweatpants, are they not? Sorry, I don’t think I would pay $209 for a pair of United Colors of Benetton sweatpants, even if they are cashmere!

Page 318: See the rabbit-trimmed black suede Céline sandal? Carrie Bradshaw’s name is stamped all over it.

Page 322: I was never a big fan of the military trend (does it feel like this is the millionth season in a row it’s been declared “in”?), but I do like the juxtaposition of military and leopard. Dries van Noten did a rabbit fur leopard print vest with an olive green military-esque belt, which inspired this spread. (I had a faux fur leopard print vest in third grade. I paired it with a suede leopard shift dress and a matching scrunchie for school pictures that year – clearly, I was the best-dressed eight-year-old in town.)

Page 334: Malene Birger’s sequin blazer looks like a Chanel/disco ball combination. I like it. (It’s called the Mademoiselle Jacket!)

Page 338: When did we start using the phrase “arctic chubby”? (In reference to a jacket, not a polar bear.) It sounds adorable.

Page 346: Imagine the Opening Ceremony lace blouse and the Proenza Schouler shoes worn together. (Both from the right column.) So gorgeous!

Page 356: I want these bags. I really, really want these bags. My Michael Kors bag turned me into such a bag fiend, and now I think they’re all gorgeous. My favorites from this page include the python Michael Kors, the chestnut leather Topshop, and all the orange bags! (I’m a little obsessed with orange right now – currently rocking reddish-orange nails. There’s something so unexpected about the shade, I just have to smile every time I see my nails!)

Page 358: Leopard print coats – do they work in real life or just on the runway? I can’t decide!

Page 366: The three “Readers’ Prize” novels sound like must-reads: Room by Emma Donoghue, Strangers at the Feast by Jennifer Vanderbes, and Salvation City by Sigrid Nunez. Whenever I have a bit more free time (ha ha ha) I’ll get started on one of these!

Page 368: This piece (on sexual harassment of African-American women in the 1950s) was so intriguing. I am consistently shocked and appalled by how much blatant hatred and racism went on back then.

Page 373: I love that Elle describes Jersey shore as a “head-hanging cultural low point”. Thank you for not propagating the notion that fake tanning, Snooki poufs, and drunken partying is cool.

Page 374: Oh, yay! They chose Kid Cudi as one of the cultural high points of the year. While I know that he’s not top notch entertainment in the same way a trip to the Louvre might be, I do like his music. (He’s one of the few current musicians who doesn’t use auto-tune.) Definitely check out his song “All Summer“!

Page 386: Very cool that they included the feminization of politics. While I don’t necessarily agree with Nikki Haley or Sarah Palin’s politics, I’m glad that more women are running for election. Peggy Eaton would be proud! (APUSH kids… anyone get the reference?)

Stay tuned for the fourth and fifth installments! I’m rushing to get these all done before the October issue comes out. Do you find my read-along guides interesting (i.e. should I do them again?) or was once enough? I’d love to get your input.

xoxo Hannah


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