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Lookbook: Pretty Hip

May 11, 2011

Sweater, J. Crew. Pants, Nordstrom. Shoes, J. Renée. Bag, Urban Outfitters. Earrings, Francesca’s. 

If I were to embrace all the stereotypes and sum up NYU’s student body in one word, I’d choose “hipster.” (It’s practically in the dictionary – not kidding!) Today, between my rolled-up red pants, oversized sweater, and Urban Outfitters accessories, I felt like I fit the stereotype pretty well. The cherry on top (or, rather, the mega-trendy haircut on top of the hipster)? The Nikon DSLR that Julia took the photos with. After a lovely dinner last night with my Aunt Hindy who was in town for a medical conference, she presented me with the beautiful new camera as a graduation gift from my very generous aunts, uncles, and cousins on my dad’s side. I could not have been any more thrilled! I’m far from an expert on photography, but I’m learning how to use it. Julia’s learning, too, as you can hopefully see from the photos!

I’ve been feeling a little nostalgic lately, almost as if I’m missing my hometown already out of anticipation of my departure next month, so I chose to take photos in Needham Center today. I remember when the statue in the fifth photo was built years ago. Needham readers, you know what I’m talking about when I say it’s almost a symbol of our town. Maybe four months from now, I’ll be posing with a different statue that represents home: the arch at Washington Square Park. Scary to think about? Sure, but I’m beyond excited to take my place as NYU’s newest hipster.

xoxo Hannah

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  1. May 11, 2011 7:15 pm

    So the photo with you and the statue children… absolutely priceless.
    You’re going to be awesome at NYU!

  2. May 11, 2011 7:44 pm

    You’re adorable, and not nearly hipster enough, but NYU will take care of that. :)

    Also, I love the scenery, and congrats on the camera! How exciting!

  3. May 11, 2011 11:57 pm

    Hannah I love these!! You look stunning, first of all, and the outfit is so hip! You are going to rock NYU for sure.

    Congrats on the camera, as well! Which camera did you get?

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