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Lookbook: From the Heartland of the Hipsters

October 4, 2011

Sweater, J. Crew. Dress (worn as skirt), Necessary Objects. Scarf, Purdy Girl NYC. Oxfords, Steve Madden.

NYU is located in Greenwich Village, home to hipsters since Beat poets made this neighborhood their home in the late 50s. While Beat poetry is still in vogue here (mostly in an ironic, “I read Kerouac over my morning venti soy chai espresso” sense,) an entirely new breed of hipsters have taken over the Village. They tend to listen to indie bands with only sixty views on YouTube through enormous, expensive headphones; dress like an edgier, up-to-date version of the Olsen twins à la 2005 (their NYU days!); and subsist entirely off of coffee and cigarettes. I never expected to evolve into anything even remotely resembling a hipster, yet here I am in my topknotted, over-caffeinated glory – without cigarettes, I’d like to add.

These photos were shot by my incredibly talented friend Kristina in Washington Square Park. I’m so happy to start collaborating with her! She has quite the career ahead of her in the fashion industry, so keep your eyes peeled for her name – you’ll be seeing it soon enough on mastheads! (Hey, Julia, think you have some fashion photography competition? Miss you!)

xoxo Hannah

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  1. October 6, 2011 11:28 pm

    You look amazing in these photos! Particularly that very last one. I give props to you and your photographer. And I love your skirt/dress!

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