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Lookbook: Washington Square Park

November 6, 2011

Sweater, J. Crew. Blouse, Old Navy. Skirt, Urban Outfitters. Tights, Topshop. Boots, Blondo. Ring, street vendor. Nail polish, “Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow” (OPI).

During the admissions process, prospective applicants heard “NYU isn’t for everyone,” over and over again. Instead of a traditional campus, we’re truly in and of the city, sharing Washington Square Park with the rest of the city (and a heavy dose of tourists, too). One of my favorite parts of NYU is that I don’t always feel like a college student – I feel like a New Yorker. While I still study in the library, eat in the dining halls, and sleep in the dorms, I spend my non-class hours in coffee shops, exploring Greenwich Village, and stalking Elizabeth Olsen. (Think I’m kidding on that last one? Think again. And again.)

But when I met up with blogger friend Sarah earlier this week, we decided to stop in Washington Square Park – the closest NYU comes to having a campus – to take blog photos. The park is one of my favorite sights in the city; I’m there daily, if not more often than that! Hanging out on “campus” in my most collegiate attire (preppy collar, cuffs, and pencil skirt à la NYU in leopard print and leather, of course) for a little while reminded me that Student Hannah and New Yorker Hannah can coexist.

That said, as soon as I finish writing this, I’m off to my favorite coffee shop to finish my reading for tomorrow morning’s class…

xoxo Hannah


Lookbook: Gossip Girl

November 4, 2011

Trench, DKNY. Sweater, Old Navy. Skirt, J. Crew. Boots, Blondo.

Gossip Girl may not have been the root of my obsession with preppy skirts, buttoned-up blouses, and classic accessories – that honor goes to my friend Lauren, who attended Catholic school for seven years and despised her uniform – but it certainly solidified my liking of the aesthetic. My days of dressing like Blair Waldorf have passed, but I still get a kick of out paying her style homage every once in awhile. While stalking Gossip Girl filming yesterday in the West Village with my good friend and photographer Kristina, we stopped to take these photos “on set.” (They filmed inside Panchito’s, a Mexican restaurant on MacDougal; this is the back entrance of the restaurant.) I loved this classically preppy outfit and the circumstances seemed too perfect to resist.

For the record, I did see Leighton Meester. I was surprised that she looked even more stunningly beautiful off-screen than on – she is the real deal!

xoxo Hannah

Lookbook: Cool for Cats

October 26, 2011

Dress, BCBG (thrifted at Beacon’s Closet). Jacket, Talbot’s. Wedges, Sam Edelman. Cat, all mine! Photo credit: Thanks, Dad!

These photos were taken a few weekends ago when I was home for fall break. Boston had somewhat of a heat wave, so I celebrated with my most summery shoes and a cuddly kitten. (I miss him!) I wore this outfit to the East Coast Grill in Cambridge, which is one of my family’s favorite restaurants, featuring creative Southern food done to practically homecooked perfection. (Tip: Get the ribs. You won’t be sorry.)

xoxo Hannah

Lookbook: Eighth Street

October 21, 2011

Blouse, Millau. Vest, Piperlime. Denim leggings, Topshop. Pumps, Jessica Simpson. Latte, The Bean.

Life at NYU seems to be a play in contrasts: One minute, you can be at an art show in Brooklyn or enjoying your 23rd floor view of Manhattan; the next, you can be eating dining hall food out of take-out containers in the library and comparing prices on laundry detergent.

These photos, taken by my fabulously talented friend Kristina, sum up that contrast perfectly. Sure, it’s fun to go heavy on the glamour at 2:00 in the afternoon in fur and lipstick and heels  – but ultimately, we were wandering around in a dark, gritty subway station. Welcome to college. (However, the afternoon did have some glamour to it. After playing model, I went uptown to meet my friend Sydney at Via Quadronno, where we chatted about blogging and boys, college and careers. Go take a look at her blog! She’s going to go far, for sure.)

In these photos, I’m holding my daily indulgence, a drink from The Bean. Conveniently located a block from my dorm, it’s one of my favorite spots in the city! Try their dirty chai lattes and adorable macarons.

That’s all for today – time to study, write, and later on, enjoy more of that mega-glam dining hall dinner we all know and love…

xoxo Hannah

Lookbook: Feeling Fifties

October 14, 2011

Cardigan, J. Crew. Jeans, Ishtar. Pumps, Jessica Simpson. Scarf, vintage. Belt, vintage Coach.

I’m a sucker for all things fifties-inspired, but a recent showing of the play Clybourne Park completely reignited my love for the fashion of the era. Big, bouncy curls, red lips, and cashmere twinsets might be from another time, but they have a timeless feel that still works today. The October Vogue editorial with Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe perfectly sums up the idea of classic 1950s beauty that I’m trying to emulate here. (Do yourself a favor and look at the editorial – the styling is stunning.)

xoxo Hannah

Lookbook: Indian Summer

October 13, 2011

Dress, 1990s BCBG. Pumps, Jessica Simpson.

I headed home last weekend fully expecting a crisp New England fall, complete with apple picking and pumpkin carving. Instead, I got eighty degree weather and lots of iced coffee – absolutely no reason to complain there! Rather than suffering through the heat in cozy sweaters, I celebrated the last few days of summer with a dress I swiped from Mom’s closet a few years back.

I spent the whole weekend catching up with friends and family, getting back into my typical Needham routines of Say Yes to the Dress marathons with Julia and reading the Boston Globe over family Sunday brunch. What a glorious few days! Still, when I caught my first glimpse out my window upon returning home on Monday night, I loved how at home the sight made me feel. How was your Columbus Day Weekend?

xoxo Hannah

Lookbook: From the Heartland of the Hipsters

October 4, 2011

Sweater, J. Crew. Dress (worn as skirt), Necessary Objects. Scarf, Purdy Girl NYC. Oxfords, Steve Madden.

NYU is located in Greenwich Village, home to hipsters since Beat poets made this neighborhood their home in the late 50s. While Beat poetry is still in vogue here (mostly in an ironic, “I read Kerouac over my morning venti soy chai espresso” sense,) an entirely new breed of hipsters have taken over the Village. They tend to listen to indie bands with only sixty views on YouTube through enormous, expensive headphones; dress like an edgier, up-to-date version of the Olsen twins à la 2005 (their NYU days!); and subsist entirely off of coffee and cigarettes. I never expected to evolve into anything even remotely resembling a hipster, yet here I am in my topknotted, over-caffeinated glory – without cigarettes, I’d like to add.

These photos were shot by my incredibly talented friend Kristina in Washington Square Park. I’m so happy to start collaborating with her! She has quite the career ahead of her in the fashion industry, so keep your eyes peeled for her name – you’ll be seeing it soon enough on mastheads! (Hey, Julia, think you have some fashion photography competition? Miss you!)

xoxo Hannah